Mission Evangelique du Nord D’ Haiti

Building a future generation of Christian leaders to transform Haiti for Christ since 1970

Our Impact



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In 1970, Mission Evangelique du Nord D’ Haiti (MENH) was established in the town of Plaine du Nord 10 miles from Cap Haitian with a focus on building up people to build up their communities and nation.

Since its founding, MENH spiritually and materially transformed people and communities where poverty and violence are totally eradicated, where people work hand in hand, praising God for his mercy and waiting for the return of the lord. With the core values of respect democracy, solidarity, love, service, MENH runs 13 primary schools, 4 secondary schools, 1 vocational textile school, 21 churches, 1 medical clinic, over 100 water pumps  and economic and agricultural development programs.


Our Mission

We are committed to:

  • Transparency, efficiency, and dignity
  • The establishment of quality schools in Haiti
  • Supporting existing churches and planting churches
  • Collaborative fellowship between MENH constituents
  • Change lives in Haiti through agriculture
  • Community economic development in Haiti through microcredit, entrepreneurship and other innovations


Our Vision

Developing socially responsible Christian Leadership in Haiti with efficient management skills in leading church ministries, educational institutions, healthcare programs, agriculturally sustainability practices, and localized economic development models.

Our Partners

Affiliated Member of Concilio Latino Americano
The Sherpard’s Lambs, Inc
Joy and Hope of Haiti

How You Can Get Involved

Call (978) 398-8907 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved


Since Bishop Jean Berthony Paul founded the ministry in 1971, our world continues to change; however, we have never wavered from our original mission “to build a future generation of Christian leaders to transform Haiti for Christ.” MENH has been instrumental in preaching the Gospel throughout Haiti through our 21 churches and other ministries. By the Grace of God, we have consistently assisted thousands of vulnerable children and adult in Haiti spiritually.


MENH has a total of twelve primary schools, four high schools, and a sewing school schools throughout the Northern region of Haiti. The current 18 MENH schools serve over 5000 children across northern Haiti including some in the very poor mountain communities. The goal of this program is to increase the student enrollment and retention rate, strong instruction, teacher proficiencies, learning techniques, Bible studies, with effective student educational outcomes and results.


The Jehovah Jireh Healthcare Clinic brings efficient patient care to nearly 80 people daily. The ultimate goal of the clinic is to provide health care services with dignity and respect for those who are marginalized and lack access to care.  


Youth enrichment provides MENH students with educational programs and activities that extend beyond their regular school day. Enrichment programs are designed to address youth needs in many areas such as academic, cultural, social, emotional, and recreational. We currently have a co-ed marching band. Girls and boys soccer, basketball, and volleyball teams. A full and productive life also requires social skills, discipline, cooperation, and creative thinking. These are all learned from the training that MENH sports and music programs offer.

Adopt a School Program

The goal of this program is to increase student enrollment and retention rate, strong instruction, teacher proficiencies, learning techniques, Bible studies, with effective student educational outcomes and results. Program donors can adopt one of MENH schools and will benefit not only the educational outcomes, but also provide clean water, child protection, food, and primary health care for children in need at approximately $500 US a month for 12 months.
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